Approval flow - adding 2nd level of approval

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Just started playing around with flow, I called into a Intro workshop yesterday, and I'm interested in trying this for a project I'm working on. We're currently using SP Designer workflow, and there are some features of Flow that I think might work better.


A request is submitted to the SP list, the request includes the requestor's Manager (people field). Manager receives an approval task email, and they are required to click on the link to the task, edit the task, and either approve or reject (not optimal, love that Flow includes approve and reject buttons in the task email). If the Manager approves the request, an approval task email is sent to the request approval team (2 people), and one of them is required to review the request and either approve or reject. (see attached diagram)


I played around with the approval template on the Flow site, and can't figure out how to add a 2nd level of approval after the Manager approves. I would REALLY appreciate if someone could help me, a screenshot of the Flow would be really awesome!


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You could use multiple conditions in your Flow (the first one after the manager approval and the second one after the software request team approval). After that create multiple follow up scenarios - like for instance an email when a request is denied.

Tip: there is a possibility to manually start flows from SP lists or libraries, that could also be an extra option for you. :)