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I'm a  billing admin, I tried to use the flow template to get list of flows created from [StartDate] - [EndDate].


I tried basic auth and gave credentials. 


I get below error: 
{"odata.error":{"code":"","message":{"lang":"en-US","value":"Resource not found for the segment 'UnifiedAuditLog'."}}}
I tried couple of other blog posts, it went no where. 
Any idea? Looking for some suggestions. 
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Hi @amalwayscharan 


Just a couple of ideas:


a) Could you check that Unified Audit Log is enabled in your tenant? You can find some information on how to enable it here:


b) Maybe you have to ask for some permissions. In fact, you need "View-Only Audit Logs" role permission, assigned through the Exchange Admin Center.


c) If it is enabled, then you should review the URL you are calling to get the results. I tested the following one and it is working on my tenant:


Hope it helps!



@Ferran Chopo Garcia Thank you for the reply. I'll check with sysAdmin team, I'm positive this might be the issue.