Adding form to existing app, EDIT Form does not have Update Property or StarVisible, SQL Data Source

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I have an existing PoweraApp with existing forms that allow user to Edit, Add New or Read only SQL data.  I'm trying to add a new form to the app with same SQL data source but a different table.  When I use the New Screen, 'Screen with header and edit form' the DataCardValue does not appear on the screen but is part of the DataCard.  The DataCard is missing the ErroMessage and StarVisible.  I can put the form into edit or new mode but cannot edit exiting data or add new records.   What am I doing wrong?  Thanks

Data Properties NOT CorrectData Properties NOT CorrectData Card NOT CorrectData Card NOT Correct



Data Properties CorrectData Properties CorrectData Card CorrectData Card Correct

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Resolved - SQL Table must have a primary key for this to work