You are not authorized to send mail on behalf of the specified sending

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I have sharepoint list when user submit data into sharepoint list email send through MS Flow. 

when i use generic email id in sender option getting following error


if i remove that account and allow submit user account than its work fine.


pls guide what is an issue and how to fix it. what permission should i give to email account.


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@imughal This is a typical MS Flow behavior. You have the the following options:


1. Configure the flow using the email which will be sending the email - My preferred approach and simple and manageable and finally not dependent on any user in case of user leaves the org. [Complexity : Low to Medium ]


2.You can always use the Office365.SharedMailboxSendEmail method of the Office 365 connector to send from a common shared mailbox. However, the user who is consuming the app need to have "Send-As" permissions to be able to get rid of the "send on behalf" issue. [Complexity : Medium to High ]


3.Use third party service such as SMTP [Complexity : High ] 




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Hi @imughal 


If you're using Send an email from a shared mailbox (V2) for this generic email, you will need to have permissions to the generic mailbox to send on behalf of it for the flow to work (delegate access).


See if this article helps.


Doing that should resolve the access issue. I use this action a lot in my business flows.






if you are using a generic email id, like a shared email id, make sure that you have access to that shared email id. You can contact the administrator/creator of that generic email id to provide access to you.