Why it shows my email address under FROM email even someone else has submitted this below request

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I am trying to build an internal ticketing system via Mircosoft Forms to Email/Teams and I am utilizing Power Automate to build a flow but whenever someone else has submitted a request then it shows my email address under FROM when I receive the email into the group email. Please advise how do I authenticate other internal emails and have them available as FROM email instead of mine only?


Please advise on this.




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@KaushalPatel - If i understand the question correctly, this is due to the connection that you have leveraged for the "Send an email" outlook action. As a best practice, would recommend to use Service accounts for the connection when we are leveraging the outlook action.

Let me know if this helps. 

Reference video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUkb_DUgOXw

Hi Jerry, you mean I can utilize the service account to perform this test. But how can we capture internal emails under FROM email if someone submits the request internally? Please let me know I can show you the Process Flow.

@KaushalPatel - We can approach this in two ways : 


1) Using service account: Share the flow with the service account and swap the connection for the "Send an email" outlook action with the service account connection. (This will need to have a mailbox enabled which will capture all the emails in the service account)

2) Using Shared mailbox: You can use the "Send an email with Shared mailbox" action and provide the from email address. You can provide access to the mailbox to users who will need access and leverage it for tracking the emails. 

You can refer to the video shared in the previous post for additional details. I also found a similar post 


Have you tried expanding the Advanced settings within the Send Email action in Power Automate? There should be an option there to specify a different From address. You can use any shared mailbox, user account, or distribution group email address here, but your account that is setup as the Power Automate email "Connection" will need to have "Send As" delegation permissions for that From email account. Your IT email admins would have to setup those permissions.
Hi Kevin, Yes I have already tried that way as well so I believe I have to ask Admin to allow the Permissions to have this FROM email available as a responder's email.
Thanks, the second approach worked well! I just added a shared mailbox in TO and in FROM I have added the private group that I have created.

But what will be an ideal way to capture internal email address when they fill the FORMS from internal network? Because that captures their Name and Email in the Response section but when we try to add Responder's email in the TO field then it denied the access.