Who can use the Asana connection which get created inside out power automate flow

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I have created a scheduled flow, which loop through a SharePoint list items and create Asana tasks, as follow:-





now when  I added the Asana step >> i were asked to login to Asana, so i login using an Asana admin username/password.. so my question is who can reuse this connection? or it will/can only be used inside the current flow? so no one can use this connection to perform actions on Asana on behave of the admin username (without entering the Asana admin username/password)??



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If the flow is to stay Manual, you can specify the connection as run-only and every user will be asked to enter his credentials upon triggering. They will have to have the needed privileges in the Asana for the operation in the flow.

If the flow is Automated (or Manual, but called as a child flow from another flow) the option above will block the flow and it won't work.

From my experience with SysAdmin role, although I see only connections created by me in the Connections menu, I can see and use all connections on that environment (not only created by me) through the Connection References and through the Power Automate. So I can use other's connections for any operations they have privileges for. I have done it many times when debugging and not having the password to check the results.