Which option we can use; "Bing Map integration" OR "Map control" to show thousands of locations from

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We have the following requirements :-


1) we have a sharepoint list named "Locations" which store; Location-Title, location-Address, Number-Of-Users, Description

2) we need to show all the locations inside  map >> and click on the map location should open a dialog with the item info ( Location-Title, location-Address, Number-Of-Users, Description).


now i know we can use the premium control named Maps or build the integration our selves as mentioned in this link https://www.sharepointsiren.com/2019/03/plotting-multiple-map-points-in-powerapps/ . 

so my question is which appraoch we need to use to achieve our needs ? or both options will work for us?


Second question;  we might have thousands of locations inside SharePoint, so can we load all of them at once? or we can only load certain number of items inside the map? if we take gallery as and example, it will load 100 items by default , and as we scroll down more items will be loaded dynamically.. so will this be the case for the map as well?



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