Using 'when an Item or a file is modified' in Flow leading to slow performance warnings

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Hi all, I have a SharePoint folder where documents are saved while an admin process is being followed; there are 7 steps to this process (request received, acknowledgement sent, document submitted, etc) which are determined by a drop-down list in the folder column.


When a process stage is selected, the 'due date' column populates with a specific date, dependent on the process stage selected - I've written the flow for this using the 'When an Item or a file is modified' command.


However, the flow seems to run by continually checking back to SharePoint at recurring intervals, rather than being triggered by the SharePoint column change, resulting in 'slow performance and exceeding Power Platform Request limit' warnings.


Is there another action I could use to enable the trigger only when the column is updated, replacing the 'When an Item or a file is modified' action?


Many thanks in advance for any help!!


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How can I have 76 views but no responses- I wonder if I haven't phrased my issue correctly, or there isn't a solution!??

@Paul_Dillon in the new designer the when an item or a file is modified has that parameter for how frequently to check for changes. I suggest you switch back to the classic designer where the trigger doesn't have that parameter. It should then only run when the specific column has been changed.


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