Using a container for "checkout" of a purchase. Easier way to manage each control?

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For internal product tracking, I have a sharepoint list called "purchases" and it has the generic fields [title, price, quantity, purchase-reason, justification, date] etc. 

I have a container that has these controls for each item and patches each item back to sharepoint. I use the same list for a gallery, when an item from the gallery is selected it goes to the it's "edit" page container. 

The problem is I need to set a 'reset' function for each control and it is getting burdensome and clunky. 

Is there a better method for this? another issue, is some fields don't reset when you click out of the page, and if a 'new' purchase is entered, some of the previous entries on the controls remain. 

- On "edit" and "new" is there an easier way to reset all controls in a container? 

- Is there a better method to patch a list then patch for each control + reset (when you submit on the page, it lags a second and every field changes ... it doesn't look smooth). 

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