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Trying to find out a way to power automate a process of when a user is added to a 365 group is creates them a folder only to be accessed by the user added to the group only. Can this be done ?

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Hi @wisemouseoutlookcom 

Your language isn't specific enough so I'll make some assumptions.

- When you say "365 group" you mean a 365 group, that was created when a TEAMS team was created, and thus it has a related SharePoint site associated with the TEAMs team.

If this is your scenario you need to understand how a SharePoint site tied to a TEAMS team processes security.

- The 365 group, has TEAMS Owners and Members security roles.

- Owners can alter the fundamental aspects of the TEAMS team

- Members can see and edit all files within the SharePoint part of the TEAMS team.

You asked "folder only to be accessed by the user "

By default there is no part of the SharePoint site associated with a TEAMS team that only User X can access.


By Default the User X is the ONLY person who has access to their OneDrive.

So one solution would be to use your flow to create a folder in their OneDrive with the same name as the TEAMs team. Then put a link to their onedrive in the TEAMS team. When they click on it it takes them to their folder and it works. When anyone else clicks on their link it says access denied.


Another solution would be to use your flow to Create a document library in the TEAMS team, that is the user's name e.g. BobBrown. Then in the same flow change the permissions for that document library so ONLY the user and the Team owners have access to it. This would be quite a bit of work to create the library, change the permissions, then ensure there is a link somewhere in the TEAMS team that any user can access.


If you provide more detail about WHY you want this to happen there may be other options e.g. a SharePoint list that has rows only the creator can see.


Good luck