Use PowerApp and Flow to create a mobile app for adding a document to a library

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My understanding is that adding a document to a SharePoint document library is not possible in PowerApps yet, but you can add an attachment to a list. 


So my thought was first screen in the PowerApp is add the attachment to a SharePoint list, then after submit, then run a flow that creates that file in the library, then the navigates to a 2nd screen where the user could update the values on the SharePoint document library document.  


Totally crazy to try to execute?  I am a former InfoPath and SharePoint designer user, but very much for the business side, not the coding side.  

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Hi @Laci_Admin_PointB 


Not crazy at all. 


You can create a SharePoint list with the same columns as in your document library. You can use the list to upload a file as an attachment and add metadata.


Then use the Flow to copy the attachment to your document library and update the file properties using metadata from SharePoint list.