Updating Planner task description from list in Excel

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I have successfully created a flow that allows me to create tasks in Planner with customised checklists for the type of task. 


Project Title1 - Project Task1 - Checklist Item 1

                                              - Checklist Item 2

                                              - Checklist Item 3


I would like to extend on this to update the decription of the task based on the Project Task 1 variable in the table.








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@Microsoft410 after you create the task add in delay control and set it to something like 10 seconds then you can add the Update task details action and add the description. The delay is needed because otherwise the actions happen so fast the update won't find the newly-created task.


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@RobElliott Thank you for your reply and advice. I've added the delay but unfortunately that didn't work. 


Below is a copy and paste from the table that holds the checklist items for further clarification, if it helps.


CheckListTitle                                                                       Completed  UserStory          StoryDefinition

Discussion with TES Initiator prior to meeting with SME and SponsorFALSE1Analysis WorkshopMeeting with SME/Sponsor to confirm details of training need and gather additional information for completion of TES
Review Training Consultation section of the TES with SME and SponsorFALSE1Analysis Workshop 
Confirm details in Training Consultation of the TES are still currentFALSE1Analysis Workshop 
Gather information and make notes for Development Requirements section of the TESFALSE1Analysis Workshop