Updating a list from columns in another list based on selected lookup value.

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I have a lookup list (list A) that has unique values for Test column. List B has a (requires data) lookup column to list A Test column. When an item is created or modified in list B I need to get two column values from list A for the record of the selected Test. One column is a multi-lines of text column and the other is a link column. I've gotten to the get items (from list A) but need help updating the list B item with the values.

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Hello @DEnderle, can you specify where on which Form (screenshot will be helpful) you need help?Greets, Eva

@Eva Vogel 

Below are screen shots of the two SharePoint on line lists. When an item is created/updated in Test Cases, I need the power automate to look at the test name (from the test lookup column), get data from the cooresponding record in Tests and populate Test Cases.Instructions column with Tests.Instructions data and Test Cases.Specific Site column with Tests.Specific Site data. 



Please let me know if you need further clarification. Thank you in advance for looking at this - I appreciate it!


Hello @DEnderle, thanks for your screenshot.

1) The Flow needs the ID (integer value, not a text value) to specify the right record.


2) And within the right ID Row of the SharePoint (Main) List your Flow can look after (LookUp) the detail data within the (Detail) List.


3) It is called 1:n Relationship. Your Detail List has a Number= integer Value = ID and thank God every SharePoint List has automatically an ID.


4) So your LookUp Field in the main list should not contain a text value, but you should additionally build a lookup=foreign Key on this detail ID = primary Key, not with a text field like you did.


5) I know, Relationship modelling is a hard one to learn, but thus your flow can identify all details within the second (detail) list.


attached you can find screenshot on my Projectlist, witch has a LookUp Column to a Customer List (Kundenliste). Project List is Main List and contains a foreign Key (Kunde Id) to the Details List of the Customers. Dont worry, they are not real. It is my training courses site. Alternative facts ;))


Last but not least I created a Flow for you, which you can find as a PDF. If you need further help: I give coaching on Power Automate and help my (real) Customers to build new Flows within SharePoint and other Resources. Just mail me on info@evotrain.de