Updates from one list applied to another list (multiple fields)

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I have two lists - the first is the master list, the second has 4-5 columns of the same data. 


Is there a way to make updates to the first list and have them repeat on the second list? 


I have a matching value for each item across each list. But the updates could be to all the fields and I don't just have one set value - I have around 100. 


For example - 


Master List


Name    Surname     Room               Pool     Notes

John      Smith          A3 Barclay        4           Words, words, words


The data above is already on List 2, but if the room, pool or notes were updated in the Master List, is there a way to "copy" that to List 2?


Thanks for any help!


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@HW_Magd Do you want to update an existing item? In that case, you need to identify that item somehow. The master list would have to have the ID of the item in the copy, so the copy can be looked up.

You can then us Power Automate to update the item in the copy list. Get the values for all columns from the master list item. You cannot just update ONE field. But that doesn't matter, because if a field content stays the same, it will not be recorded as a change and it won't show as a change in the version history.