Update all sharepoint elements depending on if they are folder or file

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I have a PowreApps that connects to a SharePoint Library and gets all the info needed. I need to add a field in the SharePoint Library that differentiates between the elements that are folder and the files.


I've tried doing this with a Power Automate, but the "Apply to each" only repeats 100 times, even if the SharePoint has about 5000 items.





Is there any way of updating all the items from the SharePoint list using Power Automate or maybe a configuration option from SharePoint?



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Hi @Azaak,


You can add the "Content Type" site column to the view. 


I hope this helps.





Hi @stormin_30 !


Thanks for the help, but my issue is that the column IsFolder is not delegable for my PowerApps application, that why I tought about creating a Option Column that I could delegate correctly:



If I use the new column "FileType" (With two options, "Expedient" and "File") it works correctly:



I'd want either to be able to delegate IsFolder or to copy that column into an option one.