Update Address Field (Text) when Office is chosen from Drop Down

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I am trying to auto populate text fields when a selection is made from a Drop Down List. Drop down selection values are determined from a SharePoint DropDown Field. This PowerApp is tied to a SharePoint list. 


I would like it if a user picks an Office Value  of St. Petersburg the Address Line 1 would update with 100 Main Street and Address Line 2 updates with St. Petersburg FL.


If user picks an Office Value of Chicago Address Line 1 would update with 999 Oak St and Address Line 2 would update with Chicago, IL.


For testing I am simply just trying to get Address 1 Updated to say 100 Main Street when St. Petersburg is selected, but am not even able to get this to work.  In the Address 1 field I have the following


What am I doing incorrectly?



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