Update a sharepoint list item from a second sharepoint list

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I have 2 sharepoint lists. The first is called BUILDING LIST and the second is called ASSESSMENTS. The BUILDING LIST is a library of all of the buildings and includes information list the manager, the city and the state. The second list keeps track, by date of the assessments completed on the buildings. I'd like to keep the BUILDING LIST as a complete record of everything that happens at that location. So for instance, I have Building ABC (An entry in my BUILDING LIST), and I have an assessment of that building scheduled for January 1st 2024 (an entry in the ASSESSMENT LIST). On January 2nd, when that assessment is complete, i'd like to update a field in BUILDING LIST to now say January 1st 2024 since that is the last date an assessment was completed on that building.


Can you help me write a flow that will take this data from one list and update the other? For what it is worth, ASSESSMENT LIST uses a lookup field in order to keep Building Names consistent.

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