Twitter flow with Message to MS Teams does not create clickable link

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Hello community.


I’ve created several PA flows that send messages to various TEAMS in MS Teams. I use the Twitter connector as trigger “When a tweet is posted”.


As actions is use both “Post a Message (V3) (Preview)” and “Post message in a chat or channel (Preview)”.


The flows work fine – messages are posted (almost) as expected. The problem is, that the link to the actual Tweet is not clickable – at least not in the MS Teams desktop app, it only shows the link as text, which I then can copy & paste into a browser.


However, in the MS Teams mobile app (on iPhone), the link is displayed as clickable and works fine. I tried adding the MS Teams body text in the actual text editor in the flow designer and also in HTML mode (Code view </>). With no success.


Has anybody encountered this problem and was able to solve it?

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