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How can I trigger a workflow whenever a News page gets published, on a hub site or any of its related sites?

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I don’t *think* there’s a way to do this, but it sounds like a great UserVoice suggestion.

@Marc Anderson thanks for the reply. Alternately, would there be a way to run a flow on a schedule to retrieve all the news posted in a given hub in the past 24 hours?

Hello @Christophe Humbert,


You can definitely run a Flow on a schedule - see "Recurrence". I don't believe there are any Actions that let you identify News but you can use the "List folder" action against your "Site Pages" folder to identify recently updated pages - see "Filter Array". It's far from perfect but might be an reasonable interim solution. 


I hope this helps.



@Norman Young Thanks, this is definitely going in the right direction.


Now the remaining issue is that on a hub, news come from multiple "Site Pages" libraries, not just one. I would need to identify all those sources.

@Christophe Humbert, there is nothing out of the box that lists associated Hub sites. But a static List can be created to store the Hub site definition and that in turn used in Flow to inventory all information on modified Site Pages.


I did a quick test and it seems reasonable. See image below.



"Site Listing" is my list of sites associated to my Hub. More work is required to send a single email with the "Modified Site Pages" variable content in the body but it's the weekend and my beer fridge is calling.


I hope this helps.