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Is it possible to transfer columns from one sharepoint list to another with a filter? For example, I filter one list to only show rows where I am the listed as project owner. Assuming this is possible with power automate, can I use the same data types (Choice, person, multi-line text, etc)?

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Hi @JoshG635,

it is possible to transfer columns from one SharePoint list to another using a filter. Power Automate can be used to automate this process.

To transfer columns from one SharePoint list to another with a filter, you can follow these general steps:

1. Create a new Power Automate flow: Start by creating a new flow in Power Automate.

2. Add a trigger: Choose a trigger that fits your scenario. For example, you can use the "When an item is created or modified" trigger to monitor changes in the source list.

3. Add a filter action: Add a filter action to filter the items based on your criteria. In this case, you can use the "Filter array" action and specify the condition where you are listed as the project owner.

4. Get items from the source list: Use the "Get items" action to retrieve the filtered items from the source list.

5. Create or update items in the target list: For each filtered item, use the "Create item" or "Update item" action to create or update corresponding items in the target list. Map the columns from the source list to the corresponding columns in the target list.

6. Set data types: While transferring the columns, Power Automate will try to maintain the data types as much as possible. However, you may need to handle some specific data type conversions manually. For example, if the choice column values in the source list match the choices in the target list, Power Automate should map them correctly. If not, you may need to add additional steps to handle the conversion.

7. Save and test the flow: Save your flow and test it with sample data to ensure that it transfers the columns as expected.

Additionally, consider permissions and access rights when working with SharePoint lists, as the flow may need appropriate permissions to access and update the lists.

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Leon Pavesic

@LeonPavesic Thanks for helping me with this so quickly! I attempted to create the flow but am receiving an error. I created "create item" and "update item" steps to bring over only new items where I am listed as an owner. I'm not sure what the error message is telling me.