SubmitForm on NewForm from SharePoint Customize Forms Not Working

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I've used the Customize Forms from a SharePoint list to create PowerApps NewForm, ViewForm and EditForm.  I've added a "SAVE" button on both the NewForm and EditForm to make it easier for users to save (they could use the "Save All" from SharePoint, but it's not as easy to see.  I've done this same setup on another SharePoint list, and that list is working great, but this new list "Customer Requested Documents and Surveys" is not saving ONLY on the NewForm.  Neither "SAVE" button OR the SharePoint "Save" is working - clicking the "SAVE" buttons I've added acts like it is saving, but no new items are being added to the SharePoint list.  Clicking the SharePoint "Save" doesn't do anything.  Again, the "SAVE" buttons work on the EditForm just fine, and those buttons are configured the same way on the NewForm but it doesn't work on that form.


See config screenshots attached - there is nothing I can see that would cause this to not work.  It's pretty straight forward, but I'm stumped.

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My gut feeling here thinks you have some kind of error happening. Have you customized and defaults on form fields or update properties on any cards?

Usually if edit is working and new isn’t. It’s because you might be referencing a ThisItem.ID and on a new form you don’t have that ID yet because the Item doesn’t exist in SP and doesn’t have an ID till it’s submitted. You have to work around it differently if that is the case here?

@Chris Webb - this sounded possible, but in checking all of the datacards added to the NewForm, none have "ThisItem.ID" - each reference "ThisItem" and their respective fields.  The DueDate datacard was customized so that the default date is Today()+14 - see attached screenshots

Go to the form itself, and onsuccess/onfailed put in a set(varSubmit,"Success") and "Failed" for each, could even set(varSubmit,"Not submitted") on app load, then stick a label on your screen after hitting save and for the text put in varSubmit. See what is happening there.

@Chris Webb - I feel really silly, but I found the problem: there was simply a required field that was on the view and edit forms that was NOT on the new form.  (facepalm)


Sorry to waste your time on this one, but thank you!

I was gonna ask that last reply but figured you had checked that ;). Glad to hear you got it.