Start and wait for approval does nothing inside apply to each

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Can anyone help me figure out what is going on here?


I need a flow that will count the number of approvers, and if over 3 people approve, then I will mark the item (in a sharepoint list) as approved. So I am getting all the users of a 365 group, and sending all the members an approval request, and then I will increment a variable.


But I can't get the approval step to do anything. Doing a 'Create approval' step works just fine, so the apply each is working, but the 'Start and wait for approval' doesn't even create the approval, no notifications received at all, so it's not waiting for the response, it just gets stuck without creating an approval. I get the same behavior when doing get Azure AD group member, or get 365 group member, the issue seems to when when 'Start and wait for approval' is inside a loop (which I want because I need to count the responses).


Here is the flow:



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Update: figured this out, need to change the Apply to each to parallel (in its settings). It's now working. Thanks
Not sure why you are using an Apply to Each?
If you concatenate your list of users into a single list of comma-separated emails addresses (like below), it will do the trick
Email address removed,Email address removed,Email address removed

@Donal McCarthy The issue here I think is that it is not one person must respond or everyone must respond, but that any 3 approvers from a list of more than 3 approvers must respond. Is there a way you know of to do this without individual approval responses from within an apply to each? That would help me enormously!