Stamp a new date every time status options is changed

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Hello All,


I have a SharePoint Online list with the following columns:

Supplier Name: Text column 


Supplier Status: In progress, completed, approved, rejected etc.


Status Date: a date column and default value is todays' date.


My question is this:


How can I use a power automate flow to update the Status Date when a user change the Supplier Status' Value.


For example:

Let's say initial Supplier Status' value is in progress. The date is 09/03/2023. 

Week later (16/03/2023) an user changes the Supplier Status' value to Approved. Then  I want the Supplier Date column value automatically to change to 16/03/2023.


Hope that is clear.


I would appreciate if someone could help please.


Thanks in advanced.

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@Naligurtan Try this:

  1. Create a Power automate flow with "When an item is created or modified trigger".
  2. Use "Get changes for an item or file" action to get the changes since last "Trigger Window Start Token"
  3. Check if Has Changed: Status column using condition
  4. Use "Update item" action inside "If yes" block to update date column to current date using expression utcNow()



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