Sharepoint workflow approval levels

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Good afternoon!


I would like some help.


I need to create a workflow in power automate for sharepoint, where different people can approve items based on a specific characteristic, in this case, its value.


For example: Person 1 approves item "x" if it has a value between 0 and 500,000.00. If the amount is greater than 500,000.00 the request for approval goes to person 2, who is authorized to approve such amount.


can you help me?


I am available to provide more details.


Thank you!

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Hi @Arthurlalves 


Hope you are well.


From your basic description, here's what I'd do in your scenario:




Notes and assumptions I have made:

  • I also include after approval/rejection for a result to go back into SharePoint to update the item
  • The trigger I have used is When an item is created or modified, but you may change this depending on your needs.
  • Since the list is edited with the result of the request, this will trigger the workflow into an infinite loop, so I have programmed a terminate action to happen if the item is already approved or rejected.

Please let me know if it does the trick for you else we can revisit the suggested solution?


Cheers and best wishes