SharePoint PowerApp Forms - Optiion Customise in PowerApps appeared today

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I've been hunting for the release date of the new PowerApp SharePointForm Web Part.


Today the following appreared under SharePoint - List Settings - Form Settings


Form Options
Use Microsoft PowerApps to customize the forms for this list. You can modify the form layout, add pictures and formatted text, add custom data validation, create additional views, and add rules.


Does anyone know when the Web Part to insert the forms into SharePoint site pages will be available?

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Interesting, not seeing this option in my tenants!

I have this on my dev tenant this morning as well. 


I'm not sure they are going to release a web part for this though. It looks like this will be specifically used through the side panel as seen in the Size + Orientation settings, accessed through App Settings when in PowerApps.




On a side note, I have modified the form in PowerApps and have published it but can see no way of triggering/using the form from the list.


Wondering if this was not supposed to be available yet. I am first release on my companies production tenant which is on a deferred channel and it is showing there as well. I think they are getting stuff set up for Ignite and have made this visible by accident. Would be surprised if this was rolled out without a formal announcement!

Hi Ian


Just found this online in regards to a SharePoint pre day before Ignite


In it there is a paragraph that mentions using PowerApps to create custom sharepoint forms. So the theory on something happening at ignite is quite likely.


Hope so as i've been given a christmas deadline to redevelop a massive Access Web App (being retired in April 2018 - by Microsoft - Nightmare!) and need these custom forms to get in done....



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I am seeing this in my test tenant. I tried creating the Powerapps Form for SharePoint but it doesn't seem to replace the forms on my list. I am assuming that the integration isn't fully baked yet and that is why it isn't working.

Likewise I just found this in SharePoint the other day. Made a simple list to try it today and got through all the steps including publishing the form, but it seems to have no effect on the SharePoint list at this time.