SharePoint Online Calendar Event created – how to “get” and send message to MS Teams

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Hello community, I’m quite new to PA – please bear with me ;). I’ve created a SharePoint Online Calendar. I added several more columns to be filled out when an event is created.


Unlike for Libraries and Lists, I do not have the on page option (via a menu drop down) to create a flow. The views look & feel very much like SharePoint CLASSIC. Is that part not yet “modernized”?


I’ve tried several things in PA to builds the flow manually as INSTANT flow. I basically want to complete the creation of a new event and then run the flow to take eligible details to post it as new message in a TEAM and Channel. I somehow feel, this is not yet possible...?


I thought, to alternatively create it as LIST, but we’re losing some other nice functionality if we go down that road. I’d be grateful if anyone could share some insight or point me in the right direction.

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