SharePoint, OneNote, and Flow...issues with copying a OneNote Notebook using Flow

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We have a OneNote notebook in a Document Library that contains many sections.  We use this notebook each time we create a new folder in a document library.  In the past we have manually created it. 


End goal: To be able to open the Notebook in SharePoint Online.



Every way I try to write the Flow I am failing.  


1) If I create the OneNote as a template (onepkg), I can successfully copy the file from the template site to the new folder.  But when I open it, it opens in Native Client, requires me to choose a location to save it to, and if I choose back to SharePoint it creates a folder with individual pages for each section. Fail.

2) If I just try to copy the OneNote (not as a template), Flow doesn't recognize it as a file; it sees it as a folder.


Anyone have any suggestions on the best way to solve this?

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It looks like we will have to use the OneNote API to accomplish this. :\