Sharepoint List / Flow - Unable to mark item when approved

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I am attempting to create an approval flow on a Sharepoint list that will do the following:

  • Send email for approval when new item is added to existing sharepoint list
  • Once new item is approved, will update that item on the sharepoint list and mark as approved for all to see
  • move item to diffrent view setup for only approved items

I have been able to figure out email approvals with no issue. The problem is not being able to get the created item to show as approved and moved to different view. I am not sure what I am missing as I tried all of the standard steps that I could google. 


Any ideas?



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Hi @Jason Shaw what steps do you currently have within your Flow?


In my head I see it like this (see screenshot):

Trigger: On Item Created (SharePoint)

Action: Approvals: Start an Approval

Condition: IF Approval is Approved THEN Update Item ELSE Do Nothing


As long as your views are configured correctly you don't have to physically move it from one view to another. If you can provide a screenshot of your Flow then that will help us to help you.

Thanks for the response. I will grab a screenshot and upload shortly.

In my workflow, after CONDITION Approved, If YES - I have action to send approver an email first. Is that the possible issue?

I think the issue is that adding the Sharepoint-Update Item action requires an item ID to be manually typed in when setting up the action. I think that is where I get lost. The ID should be created when the new list item is created so I am stuck here...

The ID of the list item that you want to update is available from the trigger. So when you use the Update Item action, click in the ID field. If it doesn't bring up the toolbox, click Add dynamic content. You'll then see listed in there, the Trigger, and below that you'll have ID.

Screenshots attached

Thank you for the screenshots. So the ID field in you second screenshot should come from the Trigger. In the dynamic content toolbox, you should see the title "When a new item is created" and below that ID. That will correspond to the list item ID created by SharePoint when you enter your values.


See my last screenshot for how I've used it.

Hi @Jason Shaw were you able to resolve your issue?