SharePoint List custom form display issues

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Good morning,

Somewhat of a new Sharepoint/power apps user here so please be patient with me.  I am running into a problem that I cannot figure out and I am wondering if anyone has seen this or has some ideas on how to resolve the problem.


I have a Sharepoint online list that uses a custom form created with Power Apps.  I have been able to get the custom form to display on the full screen by changing the list settings - advance list setting to 'Classic', exit out, change the list settings back to "new experience' with the 'Launch forms in Dialog' to "No".  


The problem that I am running into is when I open the form on my screen it displays 'acceptably';  It's opening a bit larger than I would like but I can live with it.  When a co-worker open the form it displays about 200% larger and not usable.  I have check my browser settings which is displaying at 100% and my monitor is 16".  I have asked my co-worker what their browser settings are set at but I'm operating under the premise that they are also at 100%.


Any ideas on why the display difference and how to correct for this without some custom coding?


I would also be interested in learning why switching the list settings works for displaying the form in full screen.  I'm thinking some sort of bug but that is just my gut feeling.


Thank you in advance for the guidance and assistance.

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What are your display settings set to for the Form (Settings->Display)? I don't think that the "Launch forms in a dialog?" setting you're referring to has any impact on PowerApps. I'm assuming you're viewing the list in Modern, but please confirm.