SharePoint List & PowerAutomate Date Operations

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Hello Geeks!


I need help with the Flow I am currently working on.


My SharePoint looks like this.


I wanted to create a Flow that would check the validity of the Payslips. So for example Payslip 1 is dated 31/12/2023 it will only be valid within 6 weeks from that date.


I wanted to reflect the date of validity in the column "Valid Until" and will update the "Validity" column to "Valid"/"Outdated".


Here's my work so far but it encounters errors such as the date format is incorrect or doesn't match with the current format on the SharePoint list. I have followed the steps from other articles on how to match the format but still the same error shows.



Hope you can help me fix this or better if you could suggest a different approach for this.


Regional Formatting is English (Australia) D/M/YYYY

Thanks in advance! :)



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Did you try:

formatDateTime(yourDateField, 'dd/MM/yyyy')
In which section should I format the date?
At the section where you are updating the date.