SharePoint Item Department Empty

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I'm trying to use Flow to update a field in a SharePoint list on creation of a new item.  I can get it to add text, but when I try and use the Department field from an added Person field, it is just blank.


I've checked the department field for the user that is entered, and it is filled in for all users, so not sure how else to achieve this.


Thanks for any advice anyone can provide.



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As an update, I get blank values for Department and Job Title for any person field, including Created By and Modified By fields.  Are these "taxonomy fields"? Is that related?





Did you ever get this resolved?

No, I'm afraid not -- I haven't had an answer to any question I've posted in this community.  Feels like I'm posting to a void.


In the end I've worked around it with reporting since PowerBI sees the person field as expandable and allows me to extract the department from there.

Thanks Darren. I'm having the same difficulty - the void - not sure what's happening and why there's a lack of feedback/responses.