SharePoint - Convert a list with attachment to a document library

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I'm working on my skills but still have a long way to go - I hope someone can help me with this:

In SharePoint I have a List with agreements with lots of columns and one of them that are used is Attachments. 

I want to move this into a Document library instead. 


Done so far:

I have a flow that picks the attachment from the list and create each attachment as a document in a SharePoint document library. 


I would also like to bring in information from other columns, as contract owner, expire date, reminder date and so on.
Is there someone here that knows how to do this?

The full picture is that the source is Microsoft Access in an on-prem environment so if you suggest me to start from this source instead of first migrate it into SharePoint as a List - just let me know :)

It's a really large number of agreements so nothing you want to do manually at all.

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