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Dear all - I really hope someone may be able to help me.


I have a list of values (>80,000) in a Sharepoint lsit and each value relates to a city (100 cities total).


How can I quickly given access for 100(ish) users to only view / edit the values based on their city?


If that's not possible...and it would make more sense to split the list into different cities then... 


I want users (based on their location) to be able to use a PowerApp to update values relating to their city. I have a dropdown menu where users select their City but I can't then figure out a way of patching back to different lists based on the dropdown selection. i.e. if user selects Brisbane, then patch back to Brisbane list.


Any suggestions very much welcomed!



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So it might be easier to you to split this to several lists, as querying large list and filtering large list isn't the PoweAapps. Limit is about 2000 items and then you need to start looping through etc.

So the easiest way might be to load the list using the Data from their AD or that user chooses data source to load when selecting the dropdown.
Oh wow - I had no idea about this limit. This has certainly made me rethink the way I structure my data. Thanks for the reply.
No worries!

My approch would be that I would load data source based on users location from the AD. So onstart or onclick on the start page , it would load everything for brisbane or whole of Aussie land for example
Thanks for the response.

Do you use PowerApps at all? I ask as I can't think of a way for the user to update data in PowerApps and patch the data back to the right list.
Yes I do all the time!
What you do it check what city User is from, so User().City (or something), then you load the data based on this, so User City = "Brisbane", Load this list with these list items. Then they get a list with items and they can update those or create new ones.


I’m currently using a patch to update the data. How do I tell the patch which list to patch the data back to?

Try setting it as a variable and call it in the Patch, don't remember of that's supported.



Else alot of if statements...

@NicolasKheirallah Unfortunately a data source can't be a variable. But have done some reading up about the 500 limit and fortunately all my functions are delegable plus I've found a Power Automate flow that can deal with setting multiple permissions in the same list.


Thanks for your help though!