Set Variable in Flow

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Hi - I am trying to set a Variable but cannot set a name - the name seems to be a drop down field that I cannot work out how to update - any ideas? Thanks

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Answered - its Initialise and not Set to start with.

@Matthew Sutton Hey there, I know this post is from ages ago but I am having the exact same problem and I don't understand your resolved post? Can you expand on how you solved it? 2019-07-08 22_06_18-Edit your flow _ Microsoft Flow.png

This is what mine looks like.....

Hi @Jaylocks 


Just make sure you Initialise variable first and then you'll see it in Set variable.




Hope that helps.





Hey @Damien Rosario 


That's exactly what I was missing, I was following some old Flow screenshots that were confusing me. Thanks very much! 

All good @Jaylocks. Glad to help!


Best wishes