Set-AdminPowerAppApisToBypassConsent gives error

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Hi All,


I'm having trouble with setting the following command "Set-AdminPowerAppApisToBypassConsent"
Receiving the same error on multiple tenants. 

Set-AdminPowerAppApisToBypassConsent –AppName "ab9f33ed-9f97-4851-94a8-8f8ae52409a0" -ApiVersion 2017-05-01



Invoke-WebRequest : {"error":{"code":"InvalidRequestContent","message":"The request content was invalid and could not be deserialized: 'Unable to translate bytes [E9] at index 97 from specified code page to Unicode.'."}}

Anyone else facing this problem, or any thoughts on a solution for this?




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Found the cause of this error. Since my name is written with é  (Rémy), that partular error showed up.

Performing the same steps with another account did work.