Sending email to sharepoint group in power automate

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Hi Team,


We have one group with 500 users, We are getting the users from the group and sending the email


This is not working as expected, It taking time more than 5 hours to get the users and appended to the array, Can anyone provide me another approach/option?


Thank you in advance


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YOu'd need to provide your flow actions at a high level, it shouldn't take that long. Worse case, you could build a SharePoint list that updates the list from the SharePoint group, so that's running once, then use that list rows to send the e-mails etc.

Hi @DJoshi2302 ,

You could use a Rest API call to "/_api/SP.Utilities.Utility.SendEmail". 

You can send an email to all members of a group (named "SharePoint Group" in my example) in one go.


    'properties': {
      'To':['SharePoint Group'],
        'Body': '<h1>Hello Group</h1>',
        'Subject': 'Hello Group'

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Thank you for your reply,


We used the below approach but in our SharePoint group, there are more than 1000 users present.

In the below approach, it is showing success in the below action but users did not receive the emails 


Thank you and best regards

Hi @DJoshi2302 , that case you should think about creating a "mail enabled security group" in Exchange/Azure AD and put all your users in there.

Then you would have a security group you can put into your SharePoint group for handling permissions. And you would have one mail address to send the your mail to, That will be delivered to each group member.

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