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My HR department have created a MS Form with Circa 40 questions however there are a lot of branches so only 5 or 6 responses are required to complete the form. So, I can't simply add every single possible answer on the approval I need to only send to the responder's line manager ones which were answered

I used this attach-microsoft-forms-response-in-email  to get started but as a lot of response show that ALL answers inc blank should be included


I am open to all suggestions


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Simon Richardson

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@Simon Richardson it would in theory be possible with a mass of conditions - at least 40 - to check whether the question had an answer or was blank and then append the answer to one of 40 variables. Life is too short for that sort of complexity.  So in the email include all the questions but if they haven't answered answered a question it will just be blank. No problem, the recipients will understand that and it will save you a truckload of work and a flow with a huge propensity to fail. Don't give in to HR just because they've asked for something!


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Thanks for the feedback Rob,

I am currently of that thinking and have not promised them anything, I just hoped as you can view and print a forms responses by individual respondent's I was hoping that maybe there was a way to use that functionality in the flow.

Thanks Again
Simon R
I wish I had a good answer. I feel your pain. ugh!