Send an email (v2) emails number limitations

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I have a requirement to send emails to a huge group of people (maybe more than 10.000 people).
So I'm using Send and email (v2) action and put the group with all the people to the "To" part.


So no "Apply to each" or smth, just one action with a group of recipients inside.
I was searching and didn't find any information.
Maybe you know what are the limits for this requirement?
How many emails I can send per flow? And per account too?

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@anya11665 the send an email (V2) action can send 900 emails every 60 seconds. So it will take a few minutes for all your emails to be sent.


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@anya11665 As you are sending an email to single group, you should not face any problem using power automate flow.


Check Microsoft official documentation of outlook connector for more information: Office 365 Outlook 

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@RobElliott Hi, everyone says the limit is 900 emails per sec. I am trying to find the document from Microsoft. Can you share the official Microsoft article or link for this email throttling limit? Thanks

@CathyDong As per the Microsoft official documentation of outlook connector, it shows 300 API calls per connection per 60 seconds: 

ganeshsanap_0-1691043926933.pngDocumentationOffice 365 Outlook - Throttling Limits 

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