Send a reminder 14 days out from a due date

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I am trying to create a flow that looks at a particular due date field in a sharepoint list and if the field is 14 days from today, sends a reminder email.


I can't get it to send a reminder for only the right entries, if I set the Condition to @greaterOrEquals(outputs('Compose'), items('Apply_to_each')?['Abstracts_x0020_due'])

I get emails for every entry.  What I want is for it to look at the entry and if it 14 days from today it sends an email but then tomorrow it won't send it.  


How do I do this?

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here is a hint on how to do this


The most important part of that link is that your date can be transformed like this: "@adddays(utcnow(),-14)"


The thing to remember when trying to search for answers is that queries are done using ODATA format now. Learning ODATA notation is something I am working on as I switch to O365 and Flow.