Send a document for review Part 2

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A couple of weeks ago I posted a question about setting up a flow where you entered a user email and it sent a link to a SharePoint user asking him/her to review the document. It worked fine and I learned a lot from implementing it.


I've now been asked for some enhancements for this process. 


Flow would still be triggered by clicking on Send for Review link. The sending user would be prompted to (1) enter the reviewer email and then (2) enter a Date Due.  I can't figure out how to "prompt" the user to enter a value such as Date Due.


The reviewer would be instructed in the email to review the document, make comments etc using the normal MS Word tools. But it would be great if the reviewer could then signify 'reviewing finished'. I'm guessing that this could be done via the Approve button (i.e. user finishes review then clicks Approve.)


Also would like to be able to send a reminder email to reviewer 2 days after Date Sent for Review.


I think that this will require the Content Approval function to be switched on in the library - I had been trying to avoid that but it might be necessary for this flow.


Any input or guidance appreciated!

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@Norman Young 


OK, the story so far - to recap, select a document from a SharePoint library, then the flow prompts sender to enter the Reviewer Email and Due Date, and sets the document status to Under Review;  Approval status is set to No by default. 

That all works:







Then the plan is that the reviewer has the set number of days to review the document and make any changes,  THEN clicks Approve. The idea is that this  changes the approval status to Approved and the file status to Reviewed, telling the Sender that the review is completed.


This is the part that isn't working:




Following the thread suggested above, I found out about the 'ETag' which apparently is required to track document approvals - that is why I added the step 'get file metadata', before 'Set content approval status'. But now the flow is failing with this error:

Action 'Get_file_metadata' failed. :sad:





It looks likes a typo. Remove "ET" from the "ETag" and test again.




@Norman Young  :flushed: Don't know how I missed that, but I rectified it and am still having this error. I'm basically trying out different connectors and seeing if any of them work. 


This is the current configuration:




This is the error:



I have googled the 'branching condition' error but it doesn't cast a lot of light.


Hi @Quotidian,


I'm not certain ID as "Current Item" is resolving. It's hard to tell at this point. If you have ID stored in a variable that might help but I'm afraid anything I suggest might lead you down the wrong path.


Sorry not much help.



@Norman Young Probably right! I thanks again for your guidance I will keep trying.

@Norman Young I've posted it to the MS Powerusers forum. A lot of people are dealing with this type of issue. Thanks again for your help, if I solve it I'll post the solution here.