Search multiple orders at once in the same field in Power Apps

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I will quickly explain the process of my work for you to understand what I need.

I created an app to store finished order volumes in finished goods inventory (standard 3 screen form style app), stockists record the order number, volume code and the location where the volume is stored. When the customer requests the shipment of these ready orders, he requests up to 150 orders to be loaded onto a truck, so I need to consult at once the place where these 150 volumes are stored.

The closest option to this I got is to use a Combobox, but in the combobox I have to type order by order to return me this list, I wanted something that would copy all orders from another base that I have separated by comma or semicolon or something like that and he returned all my requests. because it would be complicated to type 150 orders, it would take a lot of time and delay the whole process.

Example: Paste in the combobox or in the dropdown all orders in sequences separated by commas or semicolon or something and it returns me all these records to see the registered location: 94562594; 94568547; 94521487; 94210574; 94521457; 94587459; 94125068; 9401795; 94861025; 94201457...

For that I'm willing to try other features like Power Automate and HTML

NOTE: The mailing database is in the SharePoint list.

If anyone knows a solution I would really appreciate it, because it will help me a lot!

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