Saving PowerApps app results to SharePoint list using service account instead of app user

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I am creating an app for end users to take a test and then submit the results to a SharePoint list. I am no fan of giving everyone contribute access to the list, as they potentially will be able to edit their test results in the list, so I am looking to run the save (patch()) function using a service account.


This I know is possible to to with Flow actions, but I have not seen if or where I can define the same in PowerApp connections. Have anyone managed to do this, and if so - how?



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Far as I know it's not possible. You could use flow instead of Patch to pass in all your values then use impersonation there to put it into SharePoint. Or use an Azure SQL Database and connection, which is what I pref using since you have less delegation issues. Then you use a shared login, but you can control security through the app and they dont' have a way to get to the raw data.

Also, you might want to try the official Powerapps forum here:

Lot more people watch that forum smarter than myself in PowerApps, so might give that a whirl.

Hi @Henning Strand , have you thought of doing the test with Microsoft Forms then saving the results to a SharePoint list via Flow? It works well and means those taking the test don't need to have access to the SharePoint list.
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@RobElliott, yes I did try that approach first, but as the info sent into the Flow is very limited I discarded the idea pretty quickly. For example: There's no way to see in the Flow if the answer the user chose was correct or not. So then I have to build that check into the Flow myself, hard coding comparison values or checking against a SharePoint list, or.. And as I also need the test to run in different languages, I would even have to create multiple Forms and Flows.

@Dean Gross, yes I know, but I have not seen this reflected in the Flow action. I need to know in the Flow if the answer sent in is correct or not.