Save E-Mail Attachments with a special subject in the Email to a SahrePoint List

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Hallo ,


i want to save the Attachement from a E-Mail to a SharePoint list.

That means.

Every Time when a  EMail arrives in the Inbox with a subject "Tooling" the Flow should start and Create an Item in a SharePoint list with the attachment from the E-Mail.


everything works but without the attachment.

How can I transfer the attachment to the sharepoint list
Please help me. 

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Please find the below article that describes your need. Also I would suggest have the flow configured to your email account that you want to fetch the attachment and move it to SharePoint library and the get the reference added to your list . This is the clean way if doing it.




thanks for Posting. 

For me it is Import that i Need this flow only if the subject from the email match.

How must the flow look like?


First Step

1. When a new Email Come in 

2. Create an element


Do i have to make another step, for example get the attachment and upload it?


It really helps me if you could post an example.

Sorry i am new to Flow


If you do the other way, how can i make the reference between library email attachment and list?

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Here you go...
I hope this helps. If you feel this answers your question please give a like and set as the solution. If not please let me

Thank you, it works 


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