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i am creating a new Form for a Sharepoint list.


I have one table with three fields that I only want to be filled out once.


I have a second table with 7 fields.  i would like for this table to be repeating, giving the person filling it out the option to add another set of the same 7 fields.


Then upon saving/submitting, a new item is created in the SP list for each row in the repeating section.


I have seen a couple of links in this forum but none of them includes a usable solution for someone like me who is very new to PowerApps.

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Hi Zane,


To do this you need to create two lists in SharePoint, one for the 3 fields and the second for the repeating fields. In the repeating list you need to have a Lookup field which links this list to the first list.


In PowerApps you need to link the two fields to each other using the lookup field ID.


If I understand correctly then it is something like this 


In the video I have created a custom form, but in SharePoint you do this by creating the Power App from the first list (the one with 3 fields)


I hope this helps



Hi Zane,


If you are not fluent in developing Power Apps you can use a third party solution - Sintel Forms.

It is free for up to 2 forms.


Here is the article describing how to configure related lists