"Title" field not in list of dynamic content in PowerAutomate Flow

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I would like to use the field "Title" (automatic field in a Sharepoint list named "Title") in a power automate flow.  I have the "Get Items" action in a previous step in the flow.  I have tried to use dynamic content using various actions in the flow including "Select", "Create HTML Table".  The "Title" never appears in the list of available fields under the Sharepoint category.

What would cause the automatic "Title" field in a SHarepoint list to NOT appear in the dynamic content list?

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@DJKoala323 could you post a screenshot of your flow so we can see what might be the problem.

@RobElliott -- thanks for looking at this.  I've attached a couple of images. One is the Sharepoint list showing the "Title" column (it is the automatic column included with the embedded link in a Sharepoint List).  The other image is the flow showing the dynamic content list.


  1. Try turning OFF experimental features settings in Power automate and see if it shows up for you, follow: How to Turn ON/OFF Experimental Features in Power Automate 
  2. If above not working for you, try using below expression in Enter value section of Select > Map: 




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I have the same question. Seems like it something simple that I am overlooking. In Sharepoint the column is "Title" that is not an option in power automate.

Hi @Allen_Patrick - are you using the search box at the top of the dynamic fields pop up? Sometimes I can scan/scroll and not see it, but I'm able to use the search box and have it show up. Not sure why.