Prompt a user who presses a powerapps button to message someone in teams

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Hello, I am making an app that displays the users of a company on a large display which should make it easier to find the desired user rather than scrolling through a list of contacts. I want to have a button below each user which prompts the user who pressed the button to directly message the desired user on teams. Is this possible in a PowerApp using Flow?

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@Jacob_Stieinebronn Absolutely! You can set the flow to be triggered by PowerApps, then add the flow to the button’s onselect to fire when the button is pressed. The only issue I can see (and it’s because I have automated things like visitor notifications at reception) is that the message comes from the flow bot, I am unsure if it can be authored by the person sending. There are lots of Teams actions in Automate to choose from. Good luck!

@Jacob_Stieinebronn : Yes this is very much possible to implement it on the PowerApps. We have user name, on button click we can search user name from the active directory and through the connectors

(out of box) available in SP online we can post/prompt a to the specific user on teams.