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I have a MS form and from sharepoint i register the informations into a Sharepoint list, but when i make some conditions, these are  not working because the "raw outputs" are not the same as the ones from MS form.


Eg. From the form i select "CA" but in raw output it shows "CA\n" and because of that the condition is not working.


Does anyone knows what could be the problem ?

also i've attached a screenshot from the outputsharepoint form get response details.png

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@Florin5 the \n is JSON for a line break. So you'll need to go back to your form and work out why the answer to the question is allowing a line break.


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@RobElliottthank you; i've tried to change the order for choice options also to rename them but didn't work; i've deleted that 2 questions and i've created them back with another name and that seems to work.