PowerAutomate: Get Changes for an item or a file (Properties Only)

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I am trying to use new action control:

But when I check if one of the properties is changed or not the result is always true even when I don't change it.






Could someone recommend how to use correctly properties from this action?

Thanks in advance.


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I have been working on this all day and I have been getting the the same error message: "Specified Version Label does not correspond to any actual version".  On my list I had "Require content approval for submitted items?" as Yes and on the flow I had "Include minor version" set to No.   I changed it to Yes and it started working as expected.  Also on the flow if you want to check against just the previous version you can have the "Since" field set to an expression of 'sub(int(triggerOutputs()?['body/{VersionNumber}']),1)' .  I do not know how to check from published version to published version.






I'm not being able to find these two items:

"Require content approval for submitted items?" and

"Include minor version" 


In the image attached, I have set both as 'yes' but i still get the same error.


Could you please share a screenshot or the path for getting in this page?

Thank you!



@Maria1204  The first setting is on the list:  List Settings > Versioning Settings.


The second setting is within MS Flow (Power Automate) 'Get Changes for an item or a file' and then Advanced settings :