PowerApps training for Office problem



I have problem loading the power app called "PowerApps training for Office"

Windows 10 insider fast ring build 19033 (don't think it's related to Windows though)


Annotation 2019-12-03 223322.png


Annotation 2019-12-03 223256.png


so as you can see, everything is so small in this power app, no matter how much I zoom in, it stays that way. any ideas?


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Hi @HotCakeX 


Have you tried logging into PowerApps via the web browser and then using the app? You appear to be using it from within a PowerApps software app (I'm assuming from Windows Store?).


It may help to mitigate the issue.




yes I previously logged into the web version but then I decided to give the UWP app a try and found this problem

Hi @HotCakeX 


I'd revert back to the web version when using that particular app give your issues (if other apps are OK then you could continue to use the software app).


I personally enjoy the web version better and more convenient.


Best wishes


Thanks, yeah i was just hoping a developer would see this and fix the problem in the app

They may not frequent this forum, @HotCakeX.


You could also try to check in with the experts at the PowerApps forum and see how you go?


Good luck


Like I said my problem is not severe and I already knew alternatives before posting here, so I don't want to jump forum to forum.

All good @HotCakeX. The other forum is a good one for future use I would suggest as this one here is fairly quiet with only a small handful of community members supporting it.


Best wishes with your PowerApps journey!


Thanks, yeah I know but i decided to post here anyway, make it more active

No complaints here, it let's me have some fun with challenging issues @HotCakeX.


The other forum has so many experts that within a minute of posting a problem there's already a bunch of responses.


Great for problem solving, not so great if you're too slow to get a word in!


Anyway enjoy your week/weekend ahead


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