PowerApps Security Model when using a SharePoint list?

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I'm looking at creating a PowerApps App for an Employee Expenses List. Employee's can only read/view their own expenses and managers can see all expenses.


Will this work in PowerApps or is there an Excel method to get it to work? as I'd want it?


I don't mind if Approvals were only managed in the browser but I definitely want the flexibilty of an App for the employee's to add their expenses.


Bonus Question: Now that InfoPath is devalued what is the best way to make restricted forms (for example I don't want the employee changing their own "Approval Status" column)

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My two cents here:
- I believe PowerApps should take care of who can edit/ view expenses based on the configuration of the underlying list....in the end, PowerApps is just querying list information based on the user that is using the App.
- In regards of fields personalization, with classic view you can use JSLINK...with the new moderm UI, we still don't know what options we have for doing customizations

Thanks for the quick reply.


The PowerApps response makes sense. I must have just been doing something wrong to not get the expected outcomes. I'll rework it and see what I come up with.


In regards to the fields customization etc I both love and hate that things like Lists are in a state of flux and Designing something that should be relatively simple has become more complicated (Hidden Approval field in Form. Once item created, Remove edit permissions for user on item so that they cannot edit their own approval states)